Reiko Israel 
– Piano

Ms. Reiko’s lifelong goal is to create a school where students attend with joy and excitement in engaging in music studies and performances. In 2009 she and her husband Ben started MusicAlley, and it has been a place where students have numerous opportunities to study both performing and fine arts according to their individual goals.
Being a dedicated piano teacher for thirty years, Ms. Reiko appreciates individual students’ interests and purposes; she constantly strives to develop different kinds of teaching styles and approaches to better suit student needs. She strongly believes that any student, regardless of capability, should receive an equal opportunity of studying music. Her passion for teaching and dedication to students are especially shown in working with students with special needs, which she considers the most fruitful and rewarding experience in her teaching career. Ms. Reiko’s wish is all her students will forever cherish music.
Building strong foundations in Japan, Ms. Reiko completed her Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance at Cal State Fullerton under the instruction of Argentinian pianist Eduardo Delgado. In addition to being a devoted music teacher, she is also an accomplished accompanist and collaborative pianist.

Tina Whitley – Piano

Tina Koyuki Whitley has dedicated her life to music education and performance, and loves sharing music with everyone she meets. She has a B.A. in classical piano performance and sixteen years of teaching experience.
She is an active member of the Music Teachers Association of California and regularly has her students participating in Certificate of Merit, competitions, and recitals. Tina also does music direction and performances in the fields of sacred music, musical theater (regional), and ensemble accompaniment.

Alexis Wijaya – Piano

Alexis is a graduate student at California Baptist University majoring in music with two concentrations, piano performance and instrumental conducting. Alexis was born on September 28, 1994, in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. His family owns a music business, his father is a guitarist, and his aunts are pianists. Alexis’ parents introduced piano to him at the age of five, and he studied with Magda Dailamy Hassan for fourteen years. Then, Alexis took piano lessons from Ellen Mulyo Santoso for one and a half years. Alexis’ parents introduced swimming to him at the same time he started the piano. By the age of 15, Alexis was invited to join the Indonesian swimming national team, which required him to move to Jakarta. While he was on the national team, he continued to play piano. His parents put a digital piano in the room where he lived, and he took several piano lessons from his family member Henoch Kristianto (Sydney Conservatorium of Music), a concert pianist and a teacher. In 2015, Alexis was recruited to swim at California Baptist University and studied music in piano performance under Dr. Angela Brand Butler. He graduated in 2018 and returned to California Baptist University for the master’s program. In his graduate study, he studied piano with Dr. Mary Vanhoozer, Dr. Andres Jaramillo, and he is currently studying with Dr. Jennifer Cruz. Under Dr. Cruz, Alexis had won two piano competitions; first prize MTAC Diamond Bar Winterfest 2020 and first prize Spring Festival MTAC Diamond Bar 2021. 

Richard Kang – Piano / Guitar / Ukulele

Richard began his journey on the guitar with classical studies, focusing on the foundations and fundamentals. Before he encountered Jazz, he experimented with many different genres and styles, like country, rock, pop, fingerstyle, and bluegrass. While in school he also spent time learning about recording techniques and sound designs. Richard spends most of his time composing and teaching. He streams music production once a week going through his process of songwriting and sound design. He teaches guitar, piano, ukulele, and bass guitar at different levels.  

Mike Caffell – Guitar / Drums

Mike has been teaching, recording, and performing music for over twenty-five years. After starting out on guitar at age eleven, he began playing drums at age eighteen, with percussion soon becoming his main area of expertise. He has toured in nearly fifty states and over ten countries and released over ten albums with multiple projects. He attended the Los Angeles Music Academy and earned a certificate for the one-year drum program. Regarding drumming, Mike has studied technique, reading, jazz, theory, rock, metal, hand percussion, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, and big band; he also teaches guitar, piano, bass, ukulele, and recording techniques. Mike holds a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from UCLA where he was also given the Donald Kalish Prize for intellectual excellence, and he previously held board certification in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis, providing behavioral intervention and consultation for special needs clients for over fifteen years.

Nico Vasquez – Drums

For fifteen years, Nico Vasquez has studied the art of drumming and music. Having played in school big bands, orchestras, and drum lines, he developed his musicianship through education and a variety of musical contexts. Nico plays and teaches a range of styles including rock, jazz, hip hop, classical, soloing, and Latin. He earned an Associates degree in Art and Human Expression at Fullerton College and is on his way to earning his BM in Jazz and Commercial Music from Cal State Fullerton. Nico performs in numerous groups weekly, ranging from jazz trios, original singer songwriters music, fun, and explosive rock and pop music, and everything in between. Nico has performed at the music festivals Camp Flognaw and Soulection at the Shrine in Los Angeles.
He has also performed on one of NPR’s Tiny Desk performances and has recorded drums from numerous projects. Learning music is such a unique process that teaches students a plethora of skills; reading music, learning and exploring different genres, the history of music, cooperating with other players, and ear training. Nico’s goal is to share his love of music with everyone around him and encourage people of all ages to listen and to play it!

Apryle Dalmacio – Guitar / Voice / ​Song Writing

​Apryle Dalmacio is a multi-award-winning Singer, Songwriter, and Guitarist from Riverside, California who has captivated the hearts of listeners around the world with her dynamic vocals, expressive performances, and relatable lyrics for over ten years. She has been a contestant for ABC’s American Idol, NBC’s The Voice, Sing-Off & Songland. Dalmacio was born a singer, and began her passion for singing in elementary school choir. At age thirteen, she taught herself how to play guitar and began sharing her songwriting skills in Middle School Choir. In 2010, Dalmacio earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Media Communications with an emphasis in Radio and Television, applying her music studies into the entertainment industry.
In 2011, Dalmacio released her first EP Fairytale, and was signed to Jamboe Entertainment, giving her music the opportunity to be heard by millions of people a day in retail chains, restaurants and hotels worldwide. With her self-titled full-length album release in 2014, Dalmacio set Tour around the world. She continues to share her original songs with her most recent album, Among the Stars, released November 2019.

Andrea Martinez – Voice / Dance / Acting/ Musical Theater

If you wanted to tell the story of Andrea Esperanza Martinez, you’d have to do it with a musical. Or an opera. Or one really good ballad. That’s because she lives a life of music. Even the way she says her name sounds like a song.
Born into a musical family, Andrea’s early influences ranged from The Beatles and No Doubt to Broadway musicals and mariachi. In her early teens her father started a family band which started her career as a working singer. In school she took advantage of every opportunity to sing whether it be jazz band, choir or musicals. She completed her education at the prestigious AMDA (College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts) in Los Angeles, where she honed her singing, acting, and dancing skills.
After graduating, she was immediately casted into an original musical, Norman’s Ark, directed by Peter Scheider (producer of Toy Story). Andrea has been featured in several television shows on VHI, TruTV, Estrella TV, and Telemundo, and has had acting roles in films, music videos, and commercials.
Andrea has shared the stage with many notable all-star performers and musicians such as Biz Markie, Mark McGrath (Sugar Ray), DJ Richard Blade, Gunnar Nelson (Nelson), Thomas Anders (Modern Talking), Tony Snow (Dramarama), and Vince Neil (Motley Crue), to name a few. Today you can see her doing what she loves, performing with groups such as 80′s tribute band Pop Gun Rerun, and her family band, Funk’d Martini. Her most recent adventure has been joining the World’s Greatest Tribute to No Doubt and Gwen Stefani, No Duh. Joining No Duh has been a full circle moment for Andrea’s career, as she had been performing No Doubt songs with her family band since she was a young girl. Andrea has traveled extensively throughout the US, performing shows with No Duh. Andrea has many exciting ventures always in progress!

Ethan Dunning – Hip-Hop Dance 

Ethan Dunning discovered dance as his passion and has been poplocking since the young age of five-six years old. He has been performing and teaching choreography for about seven years. He learned the value of working hard to achieve what he wants. He greatly appreciates his peers, and he strives to be understanding of everyone around him. These important life lessons he learned through his experience dancing. He hopes to pass these life lessons onto his students. A majority of his dance and teaching experience comes from competitive team dancing and learning from his family. This experience has also shaped the way he views all of his classes. He sees his classes as small teams, families, or cohorts. As a result, his goal with his classes is to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all of his students so they can learn and grow as a team.

Jonas Cabanlit – Hip Hop Dance

Jonas Cabanlit is our teacher for our Hip-Hop dance classes. He is currently a sophomore at Eleanor Roosevelt High School. Jonas started dancing at the age of 10 at the dance studio ” The Lab Creative Art Studio” and have done a couple of performances with their Junior Teams. Jonas thrives to share his dance experience with others and extend the talents of dance

​Daryuish Kashayar -Violin

Daryuish first started learning music on the piano at the age of three. Though he enjoyed it, he was drawn to the violin and began studying the instrument classically a few years later at the age of seven and has continued to this day. Though mostly classically trained, Daryuish has experimented with loop pedals and other electronic techniques which eventually led to an exploration of music production and sound design, while maintaining the more typical classical violin training as well. Daryuish has been a part of many school orchestras and is currently studying violin performance at California State University, Fullerton, and is a part of their symphony orchestra.

Lizzy Martinez – Art

Lizzy Martinez is an artist working in various mediums such as pencil, charcoal, acrylic paint and digital. She specializes in portraiture and makes portrait commissions for clients. She also works in the tattoo industry. Since her youth, she has been creating art and has won awards in contests for her work as young as five years old. She has also studied in advanced placement art classes throughout high school and taken classes at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles.
Lizzy is deeply passionate about art and wants to pass on that passion to her students. Art is an integral part of her everyday life. She believes young artists should be encouraged to pursue their interests in the art field and be taught that their artistic skills are valuable!

Tania Martinez – Art / Ceramic / Sculpture

Tania is a Cal State University, Long Beach graduate, with a B.A. in Art Education. She began improving her art skills in high school and was inspired by her Art teacher Mrs. W. of El Modena High School. From then on her goal has been to become just as amazing and inspirational as her teacher was. She loves art and has pursued a career in it because she believes that everyone has the ability to express themselves through art.  Her favorite type of art medium is painting, however she is profoundly in love with ceramic hand building. She has more than five years of teaching experience with both Special education and General education. She teaches art which includes painting, drawing, design and ceramics/ sculpture.

Nicholas – Digital Art

Nicholas is a University of La Verne graduate with a degree in digital
media and a focus on video editing. He believes that one should learn
every part of digital artistry to be able to take full advantage and
grow ones artistic efforts.

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