Learn A New Instrument!

TUITION COST for Music classes:

  • $34 ~ $39 (30 minutes)
  • $51 ~ $59 (45 minutes)
  • $68 ~ $78 (60 minutes)

    Trial lessons are only $20 for your first 30 minutes. There is a one-time enrollment fee of $30 if you decide to do ongoing lessons.

We recommend ages 4 and up for piano lessons.

We recommend ages 6 and up for acoustic guitar lessons.

We recommend ages 6 and up for bass guitar lessons.

We recommend ages 6 and up for electric guitar lessons.

We recommend ages 4 and up for drum lessons.

We recommend ages 5 and up for ukelele lessons.

MusicAlley’s private music lessons focus on developing proper technique, musicality, and performance skills. Our private studio environment allows customizing lessons to each student’s individual goals. Whether the student “just” wants to have some fun and gain some musical experience, or prepare for entry into a performing arts school and beyond, MusicAlley can customize private lessons to support his or her goals.

MusicAlley instructors have extensive experience teaching a wide variety of students. From young children to seniors we can help any student find joy in music making. We also have experience in teaching special needs students including Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Dyspraxia, and blindness. By working closely with parents and facilitators we strive to identify how to give the best possible musical experience to special needs students.

Musicianship and Theory

In addition to private music lessons, Musicianship Skills & Music Theory Class is designed to develop listening skills (ear training) and singing skills in Solfege (Do-Re-Mi). Students will also learn the principles of how music is put together. Musicianship skills and knowledge of theory are essential to being successful in music education.

Performance Opportunities

At MusicAlley School of the Arts, we encourage students to express themselves creatively. Throughout the year we provide opportunities for live performances in the form of recitals. We record these at our school and livestream them on Facebook! Check out our Events page to see examples of previous recitals. We focus on excellence, not competitiveness!


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