Intermediate Digital Art

We are excited to offer digital art classes for students at the intermediate level!

Our new teacher, Isabella, has been professionally working with Adobe Photoshop for over 20 years.

30 minute lessons are $34.
45 minute lessons are $51.
60 minute lessons are $68.

We recommend one 60-minute class per week!

Trial lessons (Digital Art) are $20 for 30 minutes or $40 for 1 hour.

Learn to Paint Rich Environments in Fine Detail

Learn to Draw with More Detail and Color Refinement

Create Extensive Color Palettes with Adobe Libraries!

Image Refinement

• Customizing workspace and panel placement
• Adding, subtracting, refining, masking selections of an image
• Basic masking techniques using brush opacity and mask tool
• Use Magic Wand and Quick Selection Tool
• Use Magnetic Lasso tool and Object Selection Tool
• Make double/triple exposure of photographs or artwork
• Using the Spot Healing Brush to remove marks and blemishes
• Dodge tool to lighten areas, Burn tool to darken areas

Intermediate Coloring

• Coloring mandala and radial drawings, Blending colors in paintings
• Medium tone and contrast/brightness adjustment
• Create, organize, and use customized color libraries
• Creating and use multiple gradients, import/export function
• Manipulate the appearance of gradients with layers
• Blend newly painted colors to appear realistic on a photograph
• Use the history brush to paint
• Add stars and blings to bright areas of an image with brushes

Liquify, Blur, Rotate, Brush Control,
Channels, Heal, and Clone

• Channel separation of curves and levels
• Import favorite Photoshop brushes from the internet
• Healing parts of an image, more brush navigation
• Hand/Rotate Canvas tool (draw sideways or any way)
• Flip image horizontal/vertical, Rotate image,
• Blur image, sharpen image, liquify image
• Clone an area of an image to reappear in the image elsewhere

Text Effects, Feathering, Intermediate Selection

• Combine images , lighting effects, and color gradients with text
• Add embedded watermarks to images
• Feathering edges of an image & portions of a selection
• Use subtract/add/grow/similar in selecting sections

Smart Objects, Animations, Video Editing

• Creating, saving, editing, and importing smart objects
• Creating basic animations, importing/exporting GIFs
• Basic video editing with cropping, color change, and exporting
• Layer styles to text (bevel, emboss, inner glow, inner shadow, etc.)
• Layer styles to mandala drawings and symmetrical drawings

For the intermediate class, we recommend 9 and up. Please enroll your preteens and teenagers. Yes we teach adults too!

Contact us today to schedule a $20 first 30-minute trial lesson!

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