Here are some answers to common questions:

  • Does my child have to wear a mask during dance, voice, etc? What steps are you taking to protect students from the pandemic?

    Safety is our #1 priority. We received a Certification of Recognition Award from San Bernardino County for our efforts as a business for our health-compliance during the pandemic.

    We no longer require people to wear masks. It is your choice!

    We have hand sanitizer stations throughout our building and in each room and recommend frequent hand washing. Voice lesson students have access to a glass barrier. Dance classes are limited to maintain social distancing. Art classes are limited to 2-3 students. Disposable masks are available upon request.

  • Do I need to be vaccinated to attend the school or watch a live performance recital?

  • How much are trial lessons?
    Semi-Group Art and group dance classes are free to try your first time. Most dance classes are open enrollment, however some dance classes are audition based.

    Private classes, such as piano, drums, guitar, ukelele, voice, and acting, are $20 for your first 30-minute trial lesson.

  • What do I have to bring to my trial lesson?
    If you are doing an instrument class, you don’t have to bring anything unless we tell you otherwise. We usually have all supplies and instruments here. If you would like to bring your own guitar or ukelele, you can! If there is a fee for your trial lesson, please bring payment the day of your lesson. Once you are enrolled in the school, then you will be asked to bring the binder we give you to all your classes for assignments.

    If you are doing a voice class, please bring water, a pencil, and comfortable clothes and shoes.

    If you are doing a hip hop dance class, please bring comfortable clothes and comfortable shoes.

    If you are doing a tap dance class, please bring tap shoes.

    If you are doing a ballet class, please wear ballet dance shoes, leotard, and tights.

    If you are doing an art class, you don’t have to bring anything.

  • What do I wear to class?
    We suggest dressing comfortably in pants/shorts and a t-shirt. Wear sneakers if attending a dance class (unless otherwise told). If taking tap class, bring tap shoes. Bring a second layer of clothing if you tend to get cold.

  • When should a student arrive for class?
    About 5 minutes before class. This allows parents a little extra time to resolve any billing matters.

  • What age is recommended for classes?
    Every child’s learning development is different. If a very young child is able to focus and concentrate on the lessons, we can accommodate any age. The following list are suggested ages to begin taking classes:

    Piano: 4 and up
    Drums: 4 and up
    Semi-Group Art: 4 and up
    Ukelele: 5 and up
    Acoustic Guitar: 6 and up
    Bass Guitar: 6 and up
    Electric Guitar: 6 and up
    Detail Drawing: 7 and up
    Digital Art & Photoshop: 7 and up

    These are recommended ages based on our conversations with the teachers who teach the classes. We suggest scheduling a trial lesson first to determine their interest and ability. We also teach teenagers and adults of all ages!

  • How old does my child have to be to join a dance class?
    We can accommodate children as young as two years old for dance class. See our Dance page for details.

  • How many students are in each dance class?
    It varies because students’ schedules often change due to sickness, vacation, or other circumstances. Our dance classes are typically 3-8 students, and we currently have a limit of 10 students.

  • How much are Semi-Group Art classes?
    They are $89 per month and include one 60-minute lesson per week. The first 2-on-1 art class is a free trial!

  • How much are private classes?
    Piano, Guitar (Acoustic/Electric/Bass), Ukelele, Drums, Acting, Detail Drawing, Digital Art, and Voice classes $34 for 30 minutes. $51 for 45 minutes. $68 for 60 minutes. Piano classes with Ms. Reiko are: $39 for 30 minutes. She only offers 30 minute lessons. Her prices are higher because she is also the Director of our school!

    $20 for first 30-minute trial lesson. We recommend one 30-minute class per week for most classes.

    It is recommended (not required) that for Digital Art and Detail Drawing lessons you consider longer time periods (45 minutes or longer) to get in “the zone.” There can be a longer learning curve and application of practice in digital technology and detail drawing, so longer lessons are preferred.|

  • What exactly IS digital art?
    Digital Art can be described as painting with technology. In today’s world, digital art is all around us in the form of game art, wallpapers, album covers, animations, cartoons, memes, and more. Many people who struggle with drawing may find that digital art helps them improve their art skills because software can be more forgiving than physical erasers. Painting using computer software allows for manipulation of pixels, which can translate to dramatic cinematic effects. Students who love drawing may be nudged in the direction of digital art. Students who struggle at detail drawing may find it easier to learn digital art first by learning how to digitally trace over their favorite artworks. This allows students to improve their hand/eye coordination, wrist movements, easily correct mistakes, build layers of paint for online or print, and so much more! As students learn the shortcuts and Adobe Photoshop program, they will naturally progress towards creating original masterpieces.

  • Does a student need their own computer/iPad to take Digital Art lessons?
    Not necessarily. We provide a computer, drawing tablet, and stylus at the school in which they will learn from during their private lesson. They don’t go home with it, however. If the student would like to practice at home, it is recommended they get a computer with a compatible drawing tablet and a stylus. We use Adobe Photoshop as a learning software for digital art. However there is a free alternative you can use from home at http://photopea.com. Files can be saved in .psd format and re-opened in class if you would like to practice at home. If you have any further questions, feel free to email our digital art teacher Ms. Isabella at isabella@musicalleyschool.com.

  • How much are dance classes?
    $49 which includes 1 (55 minute) dance class per week.
    $69 which includes 2 (55 minute) dance classes per week.
    $89 which includes 3 (55 minute) dance classes per week.

    Dance classes for young tots are only $25 per month.
    Audition-based classes are priced differently. AlleyKatz is $59 which includes 1 (55 minute) dance class per week.

    See our Dance page for a complete price list and full schedule.

  • How much are Musical Theater Performance classes?
    They are $89 per month and include one class per week on Wednesday evenings 6:00-7:30 pm. They include singing, acting, and some dancing too. The first trial lesson is free, however we do have an Acting Inquiry Questionnaire form that needs to be filled out first in order for the teacher to be able to adequately prepare for the lesson. It needs to be filled out and given to the teacher at least a couple days before the lesson.

  • How much are Vocal Performance classes?
    They are $59 per month and include one (55 minute) class per week on Thursday evenings 6:30-7:30 pm (except 7/29/2021) with Ms. Andrea. The first trial lesson is free. This is a karaoke class for multiple people. You will be singing in front of a group.

  • How long are Dance classes? What age groups do you serve? Are they boys and girls together?
    Our Dance page was updated and now shows our whole list of classes, age groups, types of dance, full schedules, criteria, pricing info, and more. Some dance classes are open enrollment (free trials) and others are audition-based.

  • When are payments due?
    We encourage people to pay before the beginning of each month. For example, if you are signed up for June classes, we prefer payment during the final week in May.

  • Can I watch my child learn to play an instrument?
    Absolutely! You can even videotape them if you want. All we ask is please try not to distract them so they can learn.

  • Can I watch my child dance in group classes?
    If the child is very young, perhaps 2-5 years old, you can watch them from the glass door. However for students 6+, the group can find it distracting when parents are watching. For older students we ask parents wait for recitals and live performance to see them dance.

  • Do you have any classes for older students?
    Yes! Our school is for all ages. No matter your age, you can learn an instrument, take art classes, or learn how to sing/act! We have also hired a new teacher who soon will begin teaching digital art using Adobe Photoshop/Sketchbook and advanced drawing techniques in graphite, charcoal, and ballpoint. She prefers teaching older students specifically. If you are interested, call us so we know who is interested in taking the class!

  • When should a student arrive before a recital?
    About 10 minutes before showtime.

  • Do you teach violin, viola, ballet, or Zumba dance?
    Not anymore. Before the pandemic we had teachers who offered them but they are not with us any longer. Our Zumba class did not generate enough interest to continue with it.

  • What is a make up lesson?
    As long as we are given advanced notice, a make up lesson (a missed private paid class) can be rescheduled in the future. If a student needs to make up a private lesson such as piano, guitar, ukelele, drums, voice, art, or a private acting lesson, then we will do our best to reschedule them in the future.

    Unfortunately, we can’t offer make up sessions for Musical Theater Performance or Dance classes because those are group classes!

  • What is a cancelled lesson?
    A cancelled lesson is a non-reschedulable lesson. If you want to cancel a lesson in advance so you will not be charged for it, that can be arranged.

  • What is a forfeited lesson?
    In the event your student doesn’t show up for lessons and no notification is given to us, this can possibly result in forfeiture. This means that if you paid for the classes, no makeup lesson will be given and no refund will be rewarded.

  • Are you MusicAlley School of Music or MusicAlley School of the Arts? I see two different names!
    We were previously MusicAlley School of Music, however our success allowed us to expand and more than double in size! We now accommodate students who want to learn visual arts and performing arts. We are now MusicAlley School of the Arts. We will be changing our sign outside the building soon!

  • How do I buy the artwork on the walls?
    Our art teachers, Ms. Lisa and Ms. Isabella, have beautiful, handmade artwork on the walls at MusicAlley School of the Arts. If you are interested in an art piece, simply look for the price tag underneath the artwork and let the receptionist know you would like to buy it! We take credit card or cash. The money will go directly to the artist! You can take it off the wall and go home with it immediately! There is no need to wait until the artist is here to buy it. Simply give the money to the receptionist, and that’s it!
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