Basic Digital Art

We are excited to offer digital art classes for students at the beginner level all the way to advanced level!
Ms. Isabella has been professionally working with Adobe Photoshop for over 20 years. For the basic beginner class, we recommend ages 7 and up. Please also enroll your preteens and teenagers. Yes we teach adults too!

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30 minute lessons are $34.
45 minute lessons are $51.
60 minute lessons are $68.

We recommend one 60-minute class per week!

Trial lessons (Digital Art) are $20 for 30 minutes or $40 for 1 hour.

Learn to paint using a stylus and computer tablet!

Learn to airbrush backgrounds, paint shapes, and more!

Learn to make your own video game art!

This class is designed to teach each student the fundamentals of painting and navigating Adobe Photoshop. In addition to learning to draw and paint digitally, they can also learn basic photo editing and various tools in the Adobe Photoshop program.

Navigating Photoshop

• Working with panels and menus
• History & Snapshot tools for correcting mistakes, back in time
• Move tool, zooming in/out, basic coloring, and importing photos
• Using the Marquee tools and Magic Wand tool
• Using the Lasso tool and Polygonal Lasso tool

Basic Photo Correction

• Applying global tonal and color corrections to images
• Applying local image editing and retouching
• Adjusting hue/saturation on a photograph
• Determine format needed based on intent needs (web or print)
• CMYK, RGB, and Grayscale
• Export and save images as JPG, PNG, GIF, or TIFF files
• Crop images, resize images
• Straighten images, transform/skew images

Digital Painting

• Understand how to use Photoshop brushes
• Brush softness vs. hardness, brush flow control, color selection
• Erasing, smudging, airbrushing, and drawing paint, trace an image
• Changing opacity of eraser, learning eraser brush capabilities
• Make new layers, deleting layers, duplicating layers, hiding layers
• Change opacity of layers, erasing portions of layers
• Flatten (intentional destruction) and merging layers
• Use the Eyedropper tool to select colors from an image
• Symmetrical mandala drawing, radial drawing

Shapes & Text Effects

• Make lines, circles, squares, and custom shapes
• Fill and stroke
• Coloring shapes with paint bucket tool & paint brush
• Understanding the type tool to overlay on images
• Warp text, basic type text effects (drop shadow, stroke, glow)
• Draw custom shapes using the pen tool

Controlling Workspace

• Introduction to transparent backgrounds and exporting them
• Open multiple images, adjust workspace for panel windows
• Pinpoint selections of complicated images with the pen tool
• Make, name, and save work paths
• Selecting work paths

Contact us today to schedule a $20 first 30-minute trial lesson!

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