• $20 first 30-minute trial lesson or $40 for 1-hour trial lesson
  • $34 for 30 minutes, $51 for 45 minutes, $68 for 60 minutes
  • One 60-minute lesson per week recommended
  • Ages 7 and up
  • One-on-one private instruction
  • We use very sharp pencil leads and expensive tools that may not be suitable for very young children.

Learn to draw in graphite like the masters!

Learn extreme detailing in ballpoint pen!

Draw Like The Masters!

  • Anatomy (bones, muscles, body structure)
  • Drawing faces (whole face, eyes, nose, lips, etc.)
  • Drawing hair in extreme detail
  • Detail drawing, figure drawing, structured drawing
  • Drawing with randomized master strokes

All tools and supplies are provided in class only:

Graphite pencils, wet/dry graphite, kneaded graphite, graphite powder, ballpoint pens, magnifying glasses, lights, synthetic dry brushes, animal hair brushes, various blending tools, white ink, assortment of erasers (including electric erasers in multiple sizes), and quality, smooth paper for fine blending and gliding.

  • Students will not draw on a flat surface. We use drafting tables/easels.
  • Students will be taught how to choose pencils based on hardness/softness, lightness/darkness ranging from 9H-9B.
  •  Learn how to choose and use many types of erasers including electric erasers, kneaded rubber, plastic erasers, and more.
  • Advanced drawing may include ratios, rulers, and measurements

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