Learn hip hop dancing, jazz technique, and poplocking at MusicAlley School of the Arts! We have many classes to choose from for ALL AGES!


Group Class Tuition:

$30 One-Time Non-Refundable Enrollment Fee per Student

25 minutes Dance Classes (Ages 2-5) = $27 per month
Dance ONE: (55 min. x 1 each week) = $49 per month
Dance TWO: (55 min. x 2 each week) = $69 per month
Dance THREE: (55 min x 3 each week) = $89 per month
AlleyKatz: (55 min. each week) = $59 per month
Music Theatre Performance: (85 min. each week) = $89 per month
Semi-Group Art: (55 min. per week) = $89 per month
*($20 OFF for weekly private lesson students) = $69 per month


Hip-Hop dancing was originally known in its New York roots as Break Dancing. Through the decades many styles have fallen under the umbrella of Hip-Hop such as Popping, House, Wacking and Boogaloo, which are all their own dance styles. Another dance from which emerged from the roots of Hip-Hop is called Jazz-Funk. Jazz-Funk is the fusion of Jazz dance, Hip-Hop and Wacking styles.

In this class our teachers will use the fundamentals of Hip Hop/Jazz-Funk and other closely related styles to expose students to the creative movements in these styles. Coordination, musicality, strength, flexibility, memorization and body isolations will give each dancer the tools they need to grow into their own style of Hip-Hop/Jazz-Funk. Jazz dance class goes hand in hand with hip hop to help with extra practice in isolations, coordination and musicality exercises.

Call (909) 606-3000 to schedule a free trial lesson! Please make an appointment beforehand.

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