Advanced Digital Art

We are excited to offer digital art classes for students at the intermediate level! Ms. Isabella, has been professionally working with Adobe Photoshop for over 20 years. Ms. Isabella has been professionally working with Adobe Photoshop for over 20 years. For advanced classes, we recommend ages 10 and up. Please also enroll your preteens and teenagers. Yes we teach adults too!

Look at the amazing artwork created by digital artists at MusicAlley – View Gallery!

30 minute lessons are $34.
45 minute lessons are $51.
60 minute lessons are $68.

We recommend one 60-minute class per week!

Trial lessons (Digital Art) are $20 for 30 minutes or $40 for 1 hour.

Learn Advanced Painting Techniques, 360 Degree Photo Editing, Animations, 3D, Video, and Smart Objects!

Learn Advanced Detailed Drawing and Coloring

Learn the Most Advanced Photo Manipulation!

Advanced Color Adjustments & Art History Brushes

• Use guides, rulers, and single row/column marquee tools
• Blend Modes in the Layer Panel (multiply, screen, overlay, etc.)
• Layer level adjustments, layer curves adjustments
• Painting with art history brushes
• Use Content-Aware fill and scale, sky replacement setting
• Select Color Range and Replace Color
• Match Color of multiple photos with Saving/Loading Statistics

Advanced Smart Objects and Advanced Airbrushing

• Use multiple smart objects in one image
• Create seamless background wallpaper
• Airbrushing control: flow adjustment, smoothing, build-up
• Introduction to Mixer Brush for wet digital painting
• Multiple smart objects in detailed compositions
• Type in vertical, textured text

Advanced Image Refinement

• Full photography manipulation; painting in over 50 layers
• Remove complicated unwanted objects from an image
• Hair masking, make your own brushes,
• Creating textures to import into text effects
• Use Focus Area to select a range of areas

360 Degree Photography Editing & 3D Objects

• Introduction to 3D; Exporting 3D Objects
• Make New Panorama Layers for 360 degree photos
• Exporting 360 degree photos for Google Photos, Flickr, Facebook
• Make 3D Text and add Images to Text
• Add 2D Image to a 3D object
• Overlaying multiple smart objects into 2D and 3D renderings

Animations and Video Editing

• Video Masking – film masked into moving text
• Video editing, rendering video, exporting video
• Moving text in video
• Animation editing
• Work with smart objects in animations and videos
• Recording actions, importing, and exporting actions

Contact us today to schedule a $20 first 30-minute trial lesson!

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