Reiko Israel

Reiko Israel


Ms. Reiko’s life long goal is to creating a school where students attend with joy and excitement in engaging in music studies and performances. In 2009 she and her husband Ben started MusicAlley, and it has been a place where students have numerous opportunities to study both performing and fine arts according to their individual goals.

After being a dedicated piano teacher for 25 years, Ms. Reiko appreciates individual students’ interests and purposes; she constantly strives to develop different kinds of teaching styles and approaches to better suit student needs. She strongly believes that any student, regardless of capability, should receive an equal opportunity of studying music. Her passion for teaching and dedication to students are especially shown in working with students with special needs, which she considers the most fruitful and rewarding experience in her teaching career. Ms. Reiko’s wish is all her students will forever cherish music.

Building strong foundations in Japan, Ms. Reiko completed her Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance at Cal State Fullerton under the instruction of Argentinian pianist Eduardo Delgado. In addition to being a devoted music teacher, she is also an accomplished accompanist and collaborative pianist.

Ms. Reiko is also an active member of Music Teachers’ Association of California and has prepared a great number of students for Certificate of Merit for the past 15 years.


Tina Whitley


Tina Koyuki Whitley has dedicated her life to music education and performance, and loves sharing music with everyone she meets! She has a B.A. in classical piano performance and 16 years of teaching experience. She is an active member of the Music Teachers Association of California and regularly has her students participating in Certificate of Merit, competitions, and recitals. Tina also does music direction and performances in the fields of sacred music, musical theater (regional), and ensemble accompaniment.

Andrea Martinez

Andrea Martinez

Voice / Dance / Acting

If you wanted to tell the story of Andrea Esperanza Martinez, you’d have to do it with a musical. Or an opera. Or one really good ballad. That’s because Andrea lives a life of music. Even the way she says her name sounds like a song.

Born into a musical family, Andrea’s early influences ranged from The Beatles and No Doubt to Broadway musicals and mariachi. In her early teens her father started a family band which started her career as a working singer. In school she took advantage of every opportunity to sing whether it be jazz band, choir or musicals. She completed her education at the prestigious American Musical and Dramatic Academy in Hollywood, where she honed her singing, acting, and dancing skills.

After graduating, she was immediately cast in an original musical, Norman’s Ark, directed by Peter Scheider (producer of Toy Story). Martinez has been featured in several television shows on VHI, TruTV, Estrella TV, and Telemundo, and has had many lead and supporting roles acting roles in indie films, music videos, and commercials.

Andrea has shared the stage with many notable all-star performers and musicians such as; Biz Markie, DJ Richard Blade, Doug Wayne (Andy Grammer Band)Gunnar Nelson (Nelson & Ricky Nelson Remembered, Christmas with the Nelsons), Mark McGrath (Sugar Ray), Thomas Anders (Modern Talking), Tony Snow (Dramarama), and Vince Neil (Motley Crue), to name a few. Today you can see her doing what she loves throughout Southern California and Nevada, performing with groups such as 80′s tribute band Pop Gun Rerun, and the current incarnation of her family band, Funk’d Martini.

Aside from living on the stage, Andrea also teaches and directs shows for children at MusicAlley School of the Arts… Such as Frozen, Disney Revue, Christmas Celebration, The Muppet Show, Descendants of Good and Evil.


Apryle Dalmacio

Guitar / Voice / Song Writing

Apryle Dalmacio is a multi-award-winning Singer, Songwriter, and Guitarist from Riverside, California who has captivated the hearts of listeners around the world with her dynamic vocals, expressive performances, and relatable lyrics for over 10 years. She has been a contestant for ABC’s American Idol, NBC’s The Voice, Sing-Off & Songland.

Dalmacio was born a singer, and began her passion for singing in elementary school choir. At age 13, she taught herself how to play guitar and began sharing her songwriting skills in Middle School Choir. In 2010, Dalmacio earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Media Communications with an emphasis in Radio and Television, applying her music studies into the entertainment industry.

In 2011, Dalmacio released her first EP Fairytale, and was signed to Jamboe Entertainment, giving her music the opportunity to be heard by millions of people a day in retail chains, restaurants and hotels worldwide. With her self-titled full-length album release in 2014, Dalmacio set Tour around the world. She continues to share her original songs with her most recent album, Among the Stars, released November 2019.


Mike Caffell

Guitar / Drums

Mike has been teaching, recording, and performing music for over 25 years. After starting out on guitar at age 11, he began playing drums at age 18, with percussion soon becoming his main area of expertise. He has toured in nearly 50 states and over 10 countries, and released over 10 albums with multiple projects. He attended the Los Angeles Music Academy and earned a certificate for the one-year drum program. Regarding drumming, Mike has studied technique, reading, jazz, theory, rock, metal, hand percussion, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, and big band; he also teaches guitar, piano, bass, ukulele, and recording techniques. Mike holds a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from UCLA where he was also given the Donald Kalish Prize for intellectual excellence, and he previously held board certification in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis, providing behavioral intervention and consultation for special needs clients for over 15 years.


Jorge Samano

Hip Hop

Hello!! My name is Jorge Samano I have been dancing for 15 years it’s my life and passion. I’m currently training in LA at KreatvMndz Dance Academy one of LA’s most competitive Academies. My goal as an educator is to help children develop bulletproof mindsets through dance. Using dance to develop real-life skills and characteristics, such as determination, consistency, and discipline. All while providing a safe environment for growth in dance and in life. I’ve also worked at Disney Land Resort as a parade performer, with this life experience I believe I can lead my students on a path to success if dance is what they wish to pursue. So come on by to MusicAlley and get in class.

Lisa Galindo


Lisa Galindo is originally from Guatemala in Central America and grew up in the city of Antigua. She started working with paints when she was a young child and won many contests during her childhood years. Her specialty is acrylic murals, which she has painted on the walls of businesses, children’s theme rooms, and baby nurseries.

As an instructor Lisa enjoys teaching her passion to all ages. She is constantly exploring different cultures from around the world, which has greatly influenced her painting style. Her works have been displayed in “La Fuentes Gallery” and La Casa De Las Legendas Gallery” in Antigua. In the United States, has been displayed in the Azo Gallery in downtown Covina and she has been invited by Studio “A” in Hollywood for a special showing of her work.

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